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Designing the procurement virtual factory— reinventing procurement through a Platform.
Don’t reinvent the wheel, reinvent how it’s made.
Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk says that one of Tesla’s core competencies now is looking at building the machine that makes the machine. He expects 10x gains in productivity, not by focusing on improvements of the car, but on how to make it: the factory platform itself.

Procurement organizations can use this same platform-inspired approach to go beyond achieving savings from just spend management. By building a virtual “factory,” they can deliver savings and innovation by managing complexity while adding broader economic value across the entire procurement chain. And do it at current resource levels.

Watch Pierre Mitchell of Spend Matters and Julien Nadaud, Chief Product Officer at Determine as they discuss and debate emerging platform trends and technologies, including:
  • How “platform design” approaches can industrialize Procurement services to deliver more value at scale (in the face of complexity and constraints)
  • How to apply “mass customization” techniques to category management, contract management, and P2P - without custom software
  • Applying consumerized B2C innovations to B2B procurement processes, including user-centered design and predictive analytics to “guide” better sourcing and buying
  • How to modularize your processes and systems to get integration AND flexibility (i.e., make Procurement, IT, suppliers AND requisitioners happy!)
  • Evolving information - and not just processes. The journey from documents and data to knowledge and “intelligence” requires new approaches and tools
During the webinar we’ll specifically hone in on the digital requirements to support these new approaches and how technology firms are trying to cope with a new mandate.

There’s a lot we cover - and many industry examples to learn from.
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Pierre Mitchell
Pierre Mitchell | Chief Research Officer, Managing Partner, Azul Partners, Inc.
Pierre has 25 years of experience in the procurement and supply chain industry, and is a recognized procurement expert specializing in supply processes, practices, metrics and enabling tools and services. He is a regular contributor to business publications, a frequent presenter at industry events around the world and counts himself fortunate to have served and interacted with so many CPOs and future CPOs.
Julien Nadaud
Julien Nadaud | Chief Product Officer, Determine, Inc.
A global specialist in eProcurement and spend management, Julien was the founder, chairman and CEO of b-pack, which joined Determine in 2015. As Chief Product Officer, his focus is to bring teams and innovative technologies together to build a global industry leader in strategic sourcing, supplier management, procure-to-pay and contract management. He has an impressive career of industry innovations, including the implementation of more than 100 projects worldwide.
Constantine Limberakis
Constantine Limberakis | Vice President of Product Marketing, Determine Inc.
As Vice President of Product Marketing, Mr. Limberakis is focused on strategic efforts for creating brand awareness and promoting new ideas around the evolution of contract and supply management. With over fifteen years of experience in the software and consulting industry, he's held various roles in sales, marketing, market research, and product development. He is a published writer and has been named a “Pro to Know” by Supply and Demand Chain Executive twice.
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Our customers benefit from the Determine Cloud Platform’s robust suite of integrated applications. Whether they start with a full-suite implementation or choose to implement just one application and build over time, each additional application allows for the automatic sharing of data already in place on the Determine Cloud Platform.
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