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Budget-Centric Purchasing: Eliminate Rogue Spend

What is the relationship between budgeting and procurement at your organization? Our research shows that many organizations’ procurement activities take place independently, without the benefit of a solid foundation of budgeting controls to maintain oversight. Innovative organizations have discovered strategies to integrate budgeting and procurement, rein in unregulated manual purchasing procedures, and effectively bring all company spend into a controlled environment.

Watch Jimmy LeFever of PayStream Advisors and Pierre-Marie Rallu of Determine as they discuss the latest market research on eProcurement and budgeting technology. They also welcome case study presenter Dave Cornine of Sony Music Entertainment to tell the Sony success story. Find out how Cornine and staff successfully implemented technology to reduce costs and streamline a volatile budgeting cycle.

You'll learn how to:
  • Automate business spend policy rules for continuous oversight
  • Leverage spend data to strategically adjust budgets
  • Provide staff with built-in competitive pricing capability for smarter buying
This session will arm you with the tools you need to improve process efficiency, increase visibility into spend, and ultimately capture tremendous competitive advantage for your organization.
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Jimmy LeFever
Jimmy LeFever | Research Director, PayStream Advisors
At PayStream, Jimmy monitors market trends in AP automation and P2P technologies. Jimmy leads the research team, benchmarking organizations that have leading finance, accounting, and procurement departments. He also lends his expertise in consulting engagements, helping organizations identify their specific P2P needs and choose & implement the best possible solution. Jimmy has a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Management from the University of North Carolina.
Pierre-Marie Rallu
Pierre-Marie Rallu | Director Business Line - P2P, Determine Inc.
Pierre-Marie is the director business line P2P for Determine North America and has experience working with multi-national companies in America and Europe. He has an extensive background in software, technical services, business optimization, supply chain, and ERP, in retail and warehouse sectors. Pierre-Marie earned a masters degree in supply chain management and an undergraduate engineering degree.
Dave Cornine
Dave Cornine | VP IS&T - Global Financial Systems, Sony Music Entertainment
Dave Cornine is VP of Information Systems & Technology- Global Financial Systems at Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world's largest music corporations. He will speak about the technology that enabled Sony to gain visibility and control over its global spend and allow better management of marketing, promotion and recording costs.
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Our customers benefit from the Determine Cloud Platform’s robust suite of integrated applications. Whether they start with a full-suite implementation or choose to implement just one application and build over time, each additional application allows for the automatic sharing of data already in place on the Determine Cloud Platform.